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Summer Experiences

River Rafting on the Colorado River

Cool off in the waters of the Colorado Rivers. In Moab, you can book river rafting experiences including half day, full day and multi-day excursions.

Fishing in and Around Moab

From streams and rivers to angling or fly fishing, Moab and surrounding areas has many areas to catch trout, catfish and beyond.

4x4 Adventures

Enjoy unique hideaways across the Moab Desert or explore trails to the rivers in your favorite 4x4. Be mindful of summer storms that can make the backroads impassable.

Explore the Slot Canyons

Escape the Moab summer heat in a slot canyon. Created by water and wind, these "slots" are one of nature’s finest displays and they’re super fun to explore! Many require a small drive to get to, or take a canyoneering tour to skip the stress of navigating the canyons yourself!

Fun on the Water

Head out to one of the area lakes for boating, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and other fun. Enjoy great views of the canyons while out on the water, and stop on the shore to take advantage of one of the area campgrounds.

Camping in Moab

Moab offers many camping opportunities for unique, affordable vacation accommodations. You can choose from one of the area campgrounds with hookups and water access, or go rogue in one of the designated open-area camping spots.

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park

A great family-friendly option, Moab Giant's Dinosaur Park in an interactive, immersive museum with an aquarium, playground, trail, and more.

Visit a National Park

Moab is home to so many national parks, inviting guests to experience the beauty of nature through hiking, biking, canyoneering, and more. See canyons, rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, and more. Some favorites include Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park.

Hiking in Moab

With trails and views that absolutely can't be beat, hiking is a must do when you’re in Moab! There are trails available for all levels of hiking experience!

Seeing the Petroglyphs

Ancient petroglyphs are just one type of artifact that have been found around Moab, Utah. They can be seen in multiple places around the area, though they're guarded for protection. They're carved into the beautiful stone and are thousands of years old!

Air Tours in Moab

Seeing Moab from the air is a unique and totally different experience than seeing it from the ground. There are several air tour options in Moab, so if you want to get your heart racing and see some great sights, book an air tour!

Rock Climbing in Moab

Moab rock climbing should be at the top of any thrill-seekers list! The giant red rocks and canyons are like a playground for climbers. And if you’re a newbie, guides are available to take you out on your adventures.

Zip Lining in Moab

For a high-flying activity that’s also family-friendly, check out Moab ziplining! Ziplining is a thrilling experience, with much of the fun being climbing to get to the top of the zipline course. Most Moab zipline tours are half day and will take you up via an ATV or UTV.

Skydiving in Moab

Moab's beauty is undeniable from the ground but imagine what it looks like from 8,000 feet.
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